Prevention of WMD from the Islamic Point of View

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From a sociological point of view the majority of ins tances of violence and social disorders have their roots in war. Islamic teachings, serving as the key to happiness and salvation, are essentially based on peace and peaceful coexis tence and fighting wars is only warranted in quite particular and exceptional ins tances. Mention has been made of twenty such ins tances, one of which is prevention of WMD. In this s tudy an attempt has been made to subs tantiate such prevention – in addition to Muslim scholars’ consensus, Imāmī juris ts’ and those of the four Sunni schools of Shāfi‘ī, Ḥanafī, Mālikī, and Ḥanbalī, as well as other Sunni schools, e.g. the Ẓāhirī School – by verses of the Holy Qur’an and traditions from the Sunnah of the Prophet of Islam.